Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rolling out a green carpet!

I love green grass and that's something we lack at our new house. The poor Bermuda just doesn't do well unless it has full sun and good soil. Our soil is almost 100% red clay and we have some big trees so the grass is sparse. But, we have raked up some dirt and moved dirt to places that needed it so we can start with a good base. We've been laying sod in many areas and we plan to aerate, seed and fertilize the areas that have grass.

The sod is great! It's like a rug of soft green grass immediately. We know people who own a turf farm and we are able to pick up scraps for $25 a truckload. It's regularly $40 but we got a discount. I thought we would be getting corners and funny shaped pieces but most of this is perfect! Whatever they leave in the field after they cut is fair game- you just go out, take what you want and load it in your truck. Thank goodness we have friends with trucks or this would be a pretty messy project.

I definately recommend calling your local turf/sod farms to see if they sell scraps. It's great to fill in an area and this place recommended laying Zoysia in the spots that are bare because it will do better with shade than the Bermuda. And, since Zoysia spreads it should blend right in with what we already have. If you have a few friends to help load and unload you can be on your way to a perfect green lawn in no time.

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