Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curtain Fitting

To no avail, Craig now has appropriately fitted curtains for his window. Although the packaging says they are energy saving/noise reducing, they are a bit thinner than the other kind but they are much more attractive in this room than the monochromatic shades of "Eclipse" brand. A nice brown and tan stripe pattern goes well with the color of the room and will match the bedding PERFECTLY when we get that set up in the next week or so. We are so close to getting everything put together! Lori, my sister-in-law, will be happy to have her room set up when football season starts. Just 10 days away.

Good news is I did put the other (very short) curtains in the blue room and they look good. They are still a bit short but in the words of Babe..."that'll do". I do love the tan color against the blue walls. Remember, I can't return them because Elie ate the packaging and there is a tiny hole in one panel. Lesson Learned: Always measure your windows before you buy curtains!

My next curtain endeavor will be hand making (yes, with a sewing machine) the kitchen valence out of fabric I bought. But, since I am so smart, I have asked Lesa to help me with my first attempt using my new sewing machine because I am not very confident in the window treatment area. Thank goodness my in-laws are back from their vacation! I bought a nice black, tan, green and red striped fabric on sale for $4/yard and the special drapery backing so the finished productr should be very nice. I guess we'll see how that works out.

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