Saturday, August 21, 2010

soo NOT funny!

Today was quite possibly the looongest day ever. I started my day with a quick breakfast to get out front to set up our yard sale. Regardless of what time you want to start your yard sale you're actual start time is the second you open the garage door. No kidding, the second I pushed the button there were 5 cars out front and I didn't even have time to pull everything into the driveway before people came into the garage. I ran in to to tell Craig "ready or not, it's time" and just let them look as I was moving everything out. The time... 6:42 a.m.

At about 10 a.m. we had nearly sold everything. I took a second to count our money and realized we had made over $120! All just by selling some junk in our closets. We started cleaning up at 10:30 and then cleaned out the garage and put everything we wanted to keep in it's place. What progress we are making!

Then I headed to work for the closing shift to help out a little and made it home around 6:15 p.m. to find all of Craig's books and papers at the dining room table while he was watching a movie. No big deal (although I really don't understand why he can't use his office) but I asked him what's wrong with his office. He said it was too hot.

So, I went in there to scrape the paint off the windows from our painting last weekend and started seeing little scratches. About that time, a chip peels off my razor and I realize of all things- THE WINDOW IS TINTED! Are you kidding? Yeah, it makes sense, these windows get direct sunlight for 10 hours a day, but I just painted the whole room without painters' tape! After my loud scream, Craig came in to see what the problem was and very sweetly helped me find a plastic scraper and paint thinner. After a very intense fight with unwanted paint on glass I asked Craig to help me hang the blinds and curtains so we could keep the room cooler. Afterall, that's what I wanted to get accomplished in the first place.

We hung the brand new blinds and they looked great (except that the middle window is different from the two skinny side windows). That didn't really bother me since the dogs will probably damage them anyways so we proceeded to hang the curtain rod. I was so excited to finally get these thermal curtains up so Craig could use his office and then...

REALLLLLYYYY?!!!! They are too short! I almost cried. After all of this work for one single window, now this! These fabulous curtains are only a good 2 feet too short. That's just fantastic. And, we can't even return them because Elie has chewed up all of the packaging! The best part about it was the look on Craig's face. I thought he was gonna pee his pants holding back laughter and all I could say was, "ahh, can your mom please come back to the States! Because I can't do this house stuff without her." So really Lesa, please come home soon, we need your help! I know what you're thinking, "why didn't you just measure the window." Well, that's a great question and you better believe I will never buy another window treatment without knowing my exact window dimensions.

Thank goodness I can actually use these in another room so all is not lost but I told Craig I would start looking for new curtains- curtains that were the right size and added a little color to the room. He simply responded, "k, well you can find some sooner rather than later." Ha!

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