Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome to The Wife and Three

Last night as I began thinking of my upcoming week at work, I started getting upset that it just wasn't what I wanted. I rolled over to tell Craig I really wasn't sure about my job because I didn't feel like I had any purpose being there everyday and I can't understand why they think I'm so helpful. I went on to talk about everything I'm supposed to be doing and how I really do like the work and people but I get bored and I just need something more fufilling. So my dear husband, knowing how I just need to feel productive or I will lose it, suggests I start a blog.

So, here begins my quest to begin a new project and document our fun and crazy life as the Cummings Family. You can expect some of the best stories (especially from the dogs), tips on gardening and landscaping, home improvement, decorating, exercise, cooking, hiking, camping and more... pretty much anything I love to do you will hear about!

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