Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You can do this!!

We have done so much to our new house that cost a lot of money but I have been trying to redo our bathroom without spending money and here's how to do it:

1. Paint the walls and trim to contrast with existing cabinets and countertops- in this case we chose green and repainted the trim white instead of taupe. A gallon of paint is $25- we used Ryegrass by Sherwin Williams.
2. Pick a complimentary color to match the cabinets- in this case brown and neutrals with green accessories.
3. Switch out towel bars - anywhere from $20- $50. We chose oil rubbed bronze to bring out the brown. **
4. Change knobs on cabinets - we found some for $1 each at a surplus store but Target usually has the best prices on knobs and handles. **
5. Spend a few dollars on new glass shades.

** Instead of switching your hardware you can spraypaint. Some of our stuff was corroded so we chose to replace it but our light fixtures have been spray painted. Just get a can of all purpose Krylon or Rustoleum - we used Outdoor Spaces in Earth Brown and cover the surrounding area (I loosened the fixture and slid paper behind it and then covered other areas. Then I used a box without a bottom to sheild the spray from going everywhere). Spray a couple light coats and let dry before you remove the papers. Brand new look in minutes!

Someday we may redo the countertops but with these other changes completed the bathoom isn't that bad! All in all we maybe spent $100 to get a great new bathroom- and it's from this decade!

See before and after...

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  1. Looking good! that bathroom needed the color!!